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Winter Holidays Admissions

Dear prospective families,

The school is closed for the winter break from noon December 13, 2019 to January 5, 2020. During this time, access to WAB is very limited. We encourage you to schedule your visit during week days after school resumes on January 6, 2020 – when WAB is back in session, you will experience a different atmosphere and observe learning in action.

Admissions for 2019-20: There are very limited openings available in each grade level for our second semester, and different conditions may apply depending on a student's learning needs. Applications completed during the winter break will be processed after school resumes. If admissible, new students may start on or after February 3, 2020.

Admissions for 2020-21 open! Applications for the 2020-21 school year continue throughout our winter break, but correspondence may be delayed. The review process of completed applications will begin in February and early offers will be sent out after the Spring Festival. Interested families may submit your applications by clicking on the "Submit Application" button on the top right. For further steps, please refer to "How to Apply" on your left-hand panel.

Please note that Admissions Office is fully closed for operations from December 21, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

Best regards,
The WAB Admissions team